Article date: Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Recession" Impacts
Truck Driving Schools

Another set of California schools fall to the economic issues. Since 2008 we have seen several schools falter. United States Truck Driving School, a Colorado based firm, has decided to close its last California location. According to employees, there was just not enough business to keep this truck driving school location afloat. Although there can be several variables in a decision to close a branch, it is obvious that several Southern California truck driving schools have struggled, just like other businesses in California.

There are still several good choices of schools that offer CDL truck training in the area with sufficient resources, trucks, students and placement for truck driving students. Other truck driving schools have pulled in their reins and closed other offices. Sky Bay Trucking School closed its campus in Hesperia but they still have a fully staffed campus in their Fontana location. Several other Southern California truck driving schools have closed branches as well.

There have been branch closing of schools in Fallbrook, Buena Park as well as Los Angeles. Although tough economic times have hit these schools and their locations throughout Southern California, as a potential student there are ample options for training throughout the state, you just may have to drive a little farther to your training facility.








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